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 2016 Officers and Board of Directors

President: John Clark (Term through January 2018) 
Vice President: Maria Rayborn (Term through January 2019) 
Secretary: Cyndi Hays-Morris (Term through January 2017) 
Treasurer: Ed Brumley (Term through January 2017)  

Additional Board Members:
Ann Atkins (Term through January 2017)
Jamie Cox (Term through January 2019)
Jordan Feutz (Term through January 2019)    
Robert Hopkins (Term through January 2018)
Julie LaRoche-New (Term through January 2017) 
Jan Loeb (Term through January 2017)
  Sam Mikeworth (Term through January 2019)   
Pam Nolan (Term through January 2019) 
Jo Rankin-Evans (Term through January 2018) 
Karen Warner (Term through January 2018) 
 Committee Chairs:
Graphic Artist: Amy McClure
Grass Roots: Heather Clark
Membership: Karen Warner
Performing Arts: Jan Loeb
Publicity: Amy McClure/Erika Reidy
Visual Arts: Cal Sechrest
Special Appointments for 2016:

Under Performing Arts Committee (Jan Loeb):  Children’s Theatre Workshop— Cyndi Hays-Morris, Maria Rayborn