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2015 LCAC Board of Directors
 2015 Officers and Board of Directors

President: John Clark (Term through January 2018) 
Vice President: Maria Rayborn (Term through January 2016) 
Secretary: Cyndi Hays-Morris (Term through January 2017) 
Treasurer: Ed Brumley (Term through January 2017)  

Additional Board Members:
Chris Ash (Term through January 2016)
Ann Atkins (Term through January 2017)
Jordan Feutz (Term through January 2016)    
Robert Hopkins (Term through January 2018)  
Jan Loeb (Term through January 2017)
  Sam Mikeworth (Term through January 2016)   
Pam Nolan (Term through January 2016) 
Jo Rankin-Evans (Term through January 2016) 
Karen Warner (Term through January 2018) 
 Committee Chairs:
Graphic Artist: Amy McClure
Grass Roots: Heather Clark
Membership: Karen Warner
Performing Arts: Jan Loeb
Publicity: Erika Reidy
Visual Arts: Cal Sechrest
Special Appointments for 2015:

Under Performing Arts Committee (Jan Loeb):  Children’s Theatre Workshop—Jan Loeb, Cyndi Hays-Morris, Maria Rayborn